No longer on my own.

mayo 1, 2011 at 12:12 pm (Random Lists, Stuff) (, , , )

In a few hours, my parents will return from their Caribbean cruise, and my one week as the sole human in the house will end. It’s been an odd week, and I’m not sure what lessons I should take from it. Things I’ve noticed:

1) I can totes get prepared and ready to leave for school by 7:00 a.m.

2) I apparently have a blind spot when it comes to my brother’s girlfriend, and will easily forget past interactions with her.

3) Overt religiosity (say, for example, a visible rosary) will not prevent me from being attracted to someone.  Should have asked her out, even if I’d just met her.  Worst case scenario, she says no, we never see each other again (we met on a train station I very rarely take).

4)  Being alone will not curb my internet addiction.  I really must try getting a typewriter some day.

5) I am apparently willing to sell my (non-existent) soul if it’ll get me out of here.  Also, working for Andrew Sullivan now feels like selling out.

6) No response yet on the Princeton Review count, although I’ve been assured that I am still being considered.  I really hope it happens.

7) Also no response on my appeal for reconsideration regarding the Translation Program at the University.  Does not bode well.

8) I’ve totally screwed myself when it comes to my special education class, and it appears I won’t be able to get the necessary six hours of observation before the deadline.  Now my options are either dropping out (which would make this the second class where I’ve done so this semester) or taking the grade hit and hoping I still have enough to get a C (not likely).

9) Existential dread level: 6  (out of 10)

10) My Arthurian lit professor gave my essay a provisional A (pending revisions), which, given how rushed it was and how good he usually is, strikes me as disappointing.  Also, his handwriting is officially less understandable than Japanese.



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