Today’s Bit of Writing Fail

julio 8, 2011 at 11:57 pm (Sarcasm, sexism, Thing X is sexist!)

So apparently issue three of Marvel’s X-Men: Prelude to Schism features the following line:

”Kitty and Storm: powerful mutants, possessing the best qualities of their sex.”–Cyclops (Narrative Caption, I think)

Ugh. I wonder: if Paul Jenkins were asked what those qualities are (or what he thinks Scott believes those qualities are), what would he answer? I mean, surely it can’t be bravery or intelligence or their ability to inspire–it’s not like either sex has a monopoly on those. Their ability to lactate, perhaps? Their ability to give birth? In any case, it’s a rather unexpected position for someone who is leading the struggle for an oppressed minority’s personhood–surely if someone were to have “people are individuals–and that’s fine” drilled into his brain, it should be Scott freaking Summers.

That said, it’d be nice if such a line were actually an intentional attempt to portray Scott as someone who is unconscious of the way in which his stances help oppress people, despite his self-stated goals–its happens often enough in real life and it’d add some complexity to his character (even if ideally, I’d prefer the character not be sexist at all). Unfortunately, I don’t for a minute believe this is the case. I don’t know enough about Paul Jenkins to determine if the line is something he actually believes, or enough about Cyclops’ comic book incarnation to determine whether such a line is in-character for him, but the fact that it made it into the final product is disheartening, as both an aspiring writer and as someone who believes people should be treated as individuals.



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