Stuff I like: Dance Montage Videos

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One of the things I very much like to do, even though I’ve never believed I’ve been very good at it, is dance.  Once I get into groove and forget about being nervous–which for me requires copious amounts of drink, and or a specific choreography–it can be intensely pleasurable.  It is also especially fun to see other people do it well, which is why shows like Glee can sometimes be very fun, in spite of any flaws or problematic elements they may have.  Hence, one of those things I consistently find engaging is the montage dance video, in which pieces of various dances are set to music.  Here are three of my favorites.

Is it Safe to Dance?

Song: “Safety Dance”, by Men Without Hats

Choreography: Shelby Warmbrodt

Come Again

Song: Various, Arranged by Kleptones

Choreography: Crumbs Chief

Improper Dancing

Song: “Improper Dancing”, by Electric Six

Choreography: DockValentine

Happy new year, y’all.

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